Sample Loops

Sample LoopsThis series of sampling loops has been designed primarily for installation on standard broadcast towers wherever it is desired to monitor currents and/or phases. These loops are mechanically rugged and suitable for direct installation on a tower leg, with all mounting hardware provided. Availability is immediate.

The Model SL-10 is compact and approximately 18 inches square. The loop is fully insulated. However, it is provided with a pigtail for bonding to the tower at the installation location, should the installer elect a non-insulated mode of operation. The loop is furnished in a non-shielded configuration, although a shielded loop can be furnished on special order (model #SL-10S). Output from the loop is via a SO-239 UHF connector. The SL-10 is entirely sealed and encapsulated for stability and weather protection. Principal applications on this loop are in detuning and sectionalized tower monitoring applications, and for non-directional antenna remote current monitoring.

The model SL-20 is of moderate size, approximately four feet long and two feet wide. This is a general purpose RF pickup loop for all medium frequency applications. The SL-20 loop is entirely insulated. However, a pigtail is provided for bonding directly to the tower should the installer wish a non-insulated mode of operation. Although of single turn construction, a convenient junction box permits the selection of two different loop sensitivities, and configuration either to shielded or unshielded operation. Connection to the loop is by SO-239 UHF connector. The SL-20 loop is designed to mount on any standard broadcast tower with a leg diameter of three inches or less. All mounting hardware is furnished. The unit is entirely sealed and encapsulated for stability and protection against weather. This SL-20 loop meets all FCC requirements for approved antenna monitor sample systems.


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